Cultivated pork sausage

Guilty Pleasure

At New Age Meats, we believe everyone should be able to eat real, delicious meat without sacrifice. We’re committed to producing intensely flavorful meat that’s better for you, animals, and the planet.

Welcome to a new age of meat eating.

Real Meat.

What happens when you combine plant-based ingredients with cultured animal meat? You get the best of both worlds: the sensory experience and irreplaceable flavor of meat that’s safer and more sustainable than conventionally-grown meat.

How do we do it? We grow real meat, dense with flavor, from the cells of unharmed animals. From there we add plants for texture, taste, and health. The result? A delicious culinary experience that satisfies on every level.

Meat for
the Many.
the Harm.

With population growth and changing food habits, more and more people want to eat meat. And who can blame them? The satisfaction of biting into a delicious pork sausage is deeply ingrained into who we are as humans.

But today’s methods of raising livestock are inefficient, damaging to our environment, and simply won’t be able to keep up with the rising demand.

It’s time to step into a new age, where technology, creativity, and a deep understanding of how we experience meat enable us to cultivate it at scale without harm to our health, animals or the planet.


Our headquarters in Berkeley, California is full of passionate and experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds who are excited to make a positive and lasting impact on our world.

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