• The world’s population is expected to grow to 10 billion people by 2055. Today, we raise around 40 billion animals to feed the current world population of 7.8 billion, but at a great stress to our natural resources (26% of our planet’s land is used for livestock grazing, 33% is used to grow feed for livestock). Add in the fact that more and more people across the globe are adding meat to their diets, we simply won’t have the resources to raise enough livestock.

  • It’s better for you. Conventional methods of raising livestock include a slew of antibiotics, growth hormones, and potential exposure to nasty contaminates like E. Coli and Salmonella. When we cultivate meat from cells we bypass all of that, resulting in the purest, most delicious, nutritionally dense meat possible.

    It’s better for animals. To be an animal on a factory farm is a short and sad life to live. Imagine a world where we can raise just a handful of animals to harmlessly harvest simple DNA samples from over the course of their lives. Because they’re not on an ethically questionable conveyor belt to slaughter, they can live peacefully in an environment that’s not strapped for resources.

    It’s better for our planet. Compared to conventional methods of raising livestock, making meat from cells reduces greenhouse gases by 96% while using 99% less land, 96% less water, and 45% less energy.

  • Meat – because it IS meat! We’re still working on our first products, but we’re utilizing our world class team and partnering with food experts to create the most delicious and nutritious culinary experience.

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  • Not yet! Cultivated meat is not yet approved by the FDA. You’re probably thinking of a 100% plant based meat option.